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My greatest inspiration is nature. I love the unexpected miracles and beauties of the world around us and my life is a reflection of that. My passion lies in everything and anything that is visual, creative, and meaningful.

Featured below are two of my passion projects which encompass and embody my creativity, visions, and desire for social change.


co-founder & creative consultant

At ENLIVENMENT, we dream of a world that has come alive. We dream of a world where creativity flows freely and dreams are simply ideas that haven’t taken shape yet. Whether it be organizing mind-body-spirit workshops and retreats, leadings kids arts curriculums, helping a new company manifest their vision or helping our team members produce their passion projects, we are there, every step of the way, bringing the best artists from around the world together to collaborate and bring life to every and any idea.

ENLIVENMENT is a multimedia production house, but it is also a dream. It is a dream of a world that has come to life, come together, and started creating.



here there and EVERYwhere (htE)

co-founder, executive director & teaching artist

here there and EVERYwhere is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to empowering survivors of economic hardships, domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking through creative expression and vocational training. Survivors, artists, students, and changemakers are brought together in an expressive environment to create positive impact and social change in the arts and fashion worlds.


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