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Bisan Toron, Voice Creatures | Short Documentary


Director, Co-Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, 2023-2024

Heiko Dijker, Rhythm Conversations in India | Short Documentary


Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, 2024

Domestic | Short Film


Director, Producer, Co-Editor; Featuring "Norway" by Mark Lotterman, 2016-2020

Searching for Kikhia | Feature Documentary


Production Manager, Assistant Editor (Teasers & Trailers), 2016-Present

STW Teaser Still.png

See the Women | Feature Documentary


Line Producer, Cinematographer, Production Manager, Editor, 2020-Present

The Golden Arches | Comedic Sketch


VFX Editor, Production Assistant, 2022

Emma Sulkowicz, Mattress Performance: Carry That Weight | Short Documentary


Researcher, Editor, 2020

Landfill | Short Film


Director, Cinematographer, Editor, 2012

& the sun shines | Short Film


Director, Cinematographer, Editor, 2013

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