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Director, Cinematographer, Editor, VFX, 2022

Global Warning


Editor; Music and Sound Design by Ryan Gross, 2022

The Acceptance


Director, Cinematographer, Editor; Featuring “Indestructible” by Sean Madden and “Tabletop Moon” by Tapes & Tubes, 2018

Paging Dr. Faustus


Editor, 2019



Cinematographer, Editor, 2018

Suns are Suns | Dawn Akemi Saito


Cinematographer, Editor, 2018

Dualisms and the Paradox: The Absurdist Struggle


Co-Director, Co-Cinematographer, Editor, Co-Fashion Designer; Featuring "Firing Neurons" by The Circumstances, 2015

Empty Streets


Self Portrait & Camera Experimentation, 2012

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